The 10 Worst Foods For People With Diabetes

Ready meals are convenient and inexpensive, but unfortunately they are high in fat, salt and sugar and are by no means healthy. In addition, if you are diabetic, you should not be on the shopping list!

The worst part is that they are completely comfortable, you can always count on them, so when you get hungry, you reach for them almost automatically. The best thing you can do is plan ahead! Try to avoid the following foods and always come up with a healthy alternative instead.

Worst Foods For People With Diabetes


Although these delicious little snacks quickly dampen your hunger, you are much better off eating grilled chicken strips or skinless chicken breasts. The big disadvantage is that they cook breaded chicken lice – which you may forget about calories – and make it with much more oil, salt , additives and preservatives than anyone would need.

White rice

The white rice certainly seems like a good choice, because the price is good and easy to prepare. But like most pre-cooked foods, the quick version of this food contains refined flour, like white bread or most pasta – and contains very few nutrients that would be good for your blood sugar.

In addition, they may contain large amounts of preservatives in some cases. If you like rice but also your blood sugar levels, try some types of wild rice (or whole wheat breads, pasta, and muesli). Although they take longer to make and can cost more, they are healthier and finer.

French fries

Few people realize how much calories even a tiny amount of french fries contain. If you take it often, it will make it harder to maintain not only your weight, but even your diabetes . In addition, it is not rich in nutrients that it would be worth it to upset your blood glucose. If you really like french fries, make them at home without oil. Fry it in the shell or opt for sweet potatoes, but by no means consume the pre-frozen in-store version as its high calorie intake is not good for your body, especially if you are diabetic!

Canned fruits, sugar cakes

It is true that regular consumption of certain fruits and vegetables helps  people with type 2 diabetes to maintain their health, but it does not matter which fruit or greens the patient chooses (due to the sugars they contain) or the form take it with you (fresh or canned). If your wallet is thin, canned goods can be a good choice – longer lasting and delicious. However, if you do not read the labels carefully, you can choose a can of sugar syrup. If you can’t afford fruits in their natural form, you can choose canned fruits that are stored in their own juice and not in syrup.


If you have to pay attention to your weight, as most people with diabetes do, then you know that chips and other baked snacks can quickly overwhelm your diet. These pre-packaged foods contain a lot of calories, salt and preservatives, along with little nutrients or fiber to help your body. Plan ahead when you know you want to snack on and make healthy snacks for yourself – cut up beets, celery or zucchini, divine delicious, and with very low calorie and sugary sauces, they will be very good nasals.

Carbonated and sugary soft drinks

If you want to control both your weight and your blood sugar, you must give up these drinks. Instead, drink non-carbonated mineral water, which you can toss with, for example, a slice of lemon or lime. If you want to drink fruit juice, it is important that you check your label to make sure it contains the sugar it contains. Fruit tea is also a good alternative.

High fructose meal made with corn syrup

It is a common ingredient in many prepackaged foods, with the major disadvantage of having a serious impact on weight and insulin, and thus on health. Many foods you wouldn’t think contain corn syrup – such as ketchup, jams, gum sugar or salad dressings.

Processed meats

Although they do not necessarily contain sugar, processed meats have a high salt content and high levels of preservatives, which increases the likelihood of developing diabetes. Instead of eating steaks, cold cuts or sausages, you should choose a type of meat that is closer to its natural form. For example, try using leftover roast chicken for your sandwich. In addition, you may want to skip a few meatless options to control type 2 diabetes.

Fast food burgers

This type of junk food can easily be a contributing factor to diabetes. Several studies have shown, for example, that people who eat fast-food burgers or sandwiches 2 or more times a week are more likely to become diabetic than non-diabetics. A small, smooth hamburger will not be responsible for the problem yet – rather, oversized meat patties, buns and toppings are responsible. Ideally, as a much healthier option, smaller barbecue chicken sandwiches with lots of vegetables were requested instead.

Sugar muesli

Breakfast muesli is a must in the colorful and glittering boxes of many household shelves. If you think the sugar in them is a problem for diabetics, then you think so. The other big problem with them is that they lack the essential fiber – especially because high-fiber diets help diabetics a lot. Choose muesli containing at least 5 grams of fiber per serving and low in sugar!


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