Bacterial Infection on Skin in Babies

What is a Bacterial Infection?

Do you know? Bacteria is a reason behind a number of infections in humans and can be highly harmful in severe cases. It is essentially the proliferation of some damaging strains of bacteria that are present inside or outside the human body and it can affect any area. Diseases, like Food poisoning and Pneumonia, are caused by bacterial infection

Skin Bacterial Infections:

Bacterial infection causes a great deal of damage to your skin. The reason is gram-positive strains of organisms like Streptococcus and Staphylococcus. Few of the bacterial infections are Cellulitis, causing pain, and red infection which looks like warm when touched.

Babies being victims of Bacterial skin infection:

Newly -born babies are highly sensitive and they need extra care and most importantly attention to stay healthy. The reason is that their immune system us going through development phase and there are high chances that may become victims of bacteria and viruses.

Let’s look at a few bacterial infections in newly born babies that are harming to them, what are its signs, and how to treat this infection?

Common skin Bacterial Infections in New-born Babies:

Few bacteria are highly harming for the new born babies. Some of the most common bacterial infections that harm babies skin are as follows:

Streptococcus Bacterial Infection:

This infection is passed on from mothers to children during pregnancy. The reason behind its occurrence is exposure to Group B streptococcus. It is seen in one out to five every pregnancy cases.


Meningitis bacterial infection is caused by E. coli, that directly affects the brain of new born babies. Babies, having the age of 3 or less are at high risk for being affected by Meningitis.


This is another bacterial infection that harm eyes of babies and may cause inflammation, and redness etc.

Some Signs of Bacterial Infections In New born:

If you note some of the below mentioned symptoms in new born babies, then do consult a doctor timely.


  • High body temperature
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Irritability due to no apparent reason
  • Feeling lethargic
  • Poor response to feeding
  • Crying consistently
  • Skin rashes or change of skin colour
  • Irregular sleeping pattern/ behaviour

As soon as you realize these signs in your babies, rush them to doctor.

 Treating babies with bacterial infection

Timely diagnosis of bacterial infection is vital before the babies undergo a number of treatment choices. Doctors and medical experts can then better treat them with medication.

Some of ways of treating babies skin are:

  • Prescribing medicine to the affected baby. It can be better countered with some antibiotics. This treatment might take 7 to 14 days to show results.
  • Secondly supportive Care is also important to treat a child with bacterial infection. He can be treated with IV fluids to provide all necessary nutrients to the baby.
  • Thirdly, Special Care services. must be arranged to treat children timely

It is significant to know that infected babies must be treated on early basis to save them from future complications.

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