Bacterial infection on Skin Symptoms and Treatment

Infections when do occur by the bacterial attack on skin are known as bacterial infections. They may range in size from a very tiny spot to whole body surface and may also be life threatening as well as harmless. There are different types of bacteria capable of causing different kinds of infections over skin. They may just start causing infection due to a minor cut or scratch on skin. The severe types of bacterial skin infections these days are

  • Cellulitis
  • Erysipelas
  • Wound infections
  • Skin abscesses
  • Impetigo
  • Boils

Bacterial infection on Skin Symptoms and Treatment

These are mostly caused by bacteria named as Staphylococcus and streptococcus.

Symptoms of Infection:

Symptoms sometimes can be seen just on the areas which is been infected by attacked bacteria and sometimes over all the skin. It may include cough,headache, fatigue ,fever or reddishness on the part which is been infected. Different types of infections mentioned above have different symptoms like

In Cellulitis:  It is mostly seen the red infection causing pain and is usually warm when it is touched.

In Folliculitis: Red swollen bumps could be seen which just look like pimples causing skin to be red.

In Impetigo:  Patient may be infected on the whole body surface and usually on the exposed parts.

In Boils: Hair follicles are infected and skin turns to red and on its severity it starts to be white due to collection of pus there.In other kinds may be reddishness and itching could be seen.


It is most common to cause in the hospitalized patients due to use of unsterilized injections or drips.May be caused by the floor bacteria on foot when walked barely.Sometimes may be due to wrong taken medicines.Use of other’s personal items may also cause severe skin infection.

Treatment of Bacterial Infection:

Bacteria as can be killed by antibiotics so is the case here,the infections due to bacterial attack can be fighted by use of major antibiotics which can be applied on a skin as well as antibiotic injections and medicines could be taken as well but it should be prescribed by the Dermatologist otherwise the wrong use of it may produce worse results.Use of antibacterial soups and face washes could be a good treatment to it .To prevent the spreading of infection over full body skin you must avoid scratching and itching over the wounds or the infected part.

Make sure to not use the common useful things of others because it may be dangerous for you and the other person as well.Cover your wound with bandage until its completely healed do not expose to air.If your doctor prescribes you a whole monthly course of medicines do not stop using them when you feel it’s healed because sometimes the may attack again when you stop using the antibiotics and ointments.

Sometimes the infection may cause the swelling of the infected area to treat it you may use lotion to apply over the skin.Make sure to contact your doctor in case of any skin infection because it might be severe and treatment might be necessary.

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