7 Disease that Kills you Slowly and Painfully

Are you curious to know about the diseases that kill painfully? Although science and technology has been up with tremendous advances to find causes and cure of many diseases such as diabetes, cancers, diabetes, and AIDS, there is still a lot to be done in regard of those diseases that kill decrease quality of life significantly.

Most Deadly Disease that Kills you Slowly

Disease that kills you slowly

Unfortunately, there exist a long list of diseases that kills you slowly. Here we are mentioning few of them:

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

This disease is also known as Lou-Gehrig disease and motor neurone disease (MND). It’s basically a neurological disease that destroys those nerves that are responsible for transmission of messages from the brain to body. It deteriorates a body from performing day to day functions like eating and breathing.

Huntington’s Chorea

It’s a genetic disease and is transmitted from one generation to another. It develops in the middle age. If one of the parents has Huntington’s disease then there are 50% chances that their child would get it. In this neurologic disease, the patient losses muscle coordination and also his mental condition declines. it is rarely noticeable in the early stages. Unfortunate is when, the patient can only survive for 20 years once the first symptoms develops. This is one of the dangerous and painful diseases that kills you slowly.

Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA or triple A)

This disease has no real and clear symptoms however it kills abruptly. In this, the abdominal aorta gets enlarged i.e. 50% larger as compared to the normal diameter. Irregularly, back, abdominal, or pain in legs might occur. If it is not treated timely, it can prove fatal.

The Worst Diseases that Kill you Painfully

Below is the list of some painful diseases that might kill you painfully:


It is one of those diseases that have existence since Egyptian mummies. It causes inflammation of the joints without involvement of virus or bacteria. Joint swelling, pain, loss of use of the hands, and loss of mobility, are some of its prominent results. It’s completely wrong to say that arthritis it’s an “old person” disease because people in their Young age might experience it as well, however it worsens with age. Inflammation and pain can be managed with treatment but for arthritis there is no such direct cure. It is a painful disease and can decrease life span of the affected person.

Red Rash

It is another painful disease that covers body with rashes with high fever to the patient. It’s a childhood illness affecting mostly those with the ages of five and fifteen. It can be cured with antibiotic treatments. But, if didn’t treat timely it can affect the internal organs seriously.


It is common and painful disease particularly in the Middle East/Africa and some parts of Asia. Its transmission is possible due to contact with a contaminated water/ food, or infected person. People infected with the polio virus often experience paralysis, unfortunately, to the point of death in their lives. The best way to keep oneself safe from this killing disease is through a preventative vaccine.


Historically, it was known by the names of White Plague and Pott’s disease. It is a disease caused by bacteria that affects the respiratory system. This bacterium is found in China, India, and Egypt. It can be treated with antibiotics. If not treated timely it can be painfully killing.

Diseases can be cured if detected on early stages. Little prevention and care can keep us at safe distance from the diseases that kills you slowly and painfully.

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