How Common is Hantavirus in the US and UK

How common is Hantavirus? Before responding this query it’s important to understand the term “Hantavirus”. It is a group of viruses and life-threatening disease, that are passed through rodents, like mice, voles, and rats. Their presence is observed across the world and are responsible for causing disease from mild nature to severe complications e.g. Flu, haemorrhagic disease, and respiratory illness etc. The old-World Hantavirus was present in Africa, Europe, and Asia and was mainly responsible for kidney and haemorrhagic disease while the new world hantavirus causes respiratory issues.

How Common is Hantavirus in the US and UK

how common is hantavirus

The symptoms of hantavirus are fever, chills, flu, muscle aches. Also, some people may feel better for a short while but start experiencing dry cough, shortness of breath, headache, and nausea after 1-2 days.

Moreover, regarding the presence of this the presence of Hantavirus has become highly prominent in the US and UK in past decades. Let’s discuss the extent that how common is Hantavirus in the US and UK?

Hantavirus presence in the UK:

In the United Kingdom, approximately 40 such cases were confirmed in last 30 years, that were caused by hantavirus. Majority of these cases resulted from an outbreak in 1992 in Somerset, UK.

In the previous week, a report surfaced in The Telegraph that shared the information that rodents have appeared in The Humber and Yorkshire and through trade ships from Asian continent. Also, according to a confirmed report from North Yorkshire, a person was diagnosed with hantavirus and was suffering from extreme kidney problems. In this regard. Some health experts caught few rodents at houses and farms and to their surprise they found them carrying strain of the hantavirus.

How common Hantavirus is in the US:

Hantavirus has been common in the US Since 1993 when 600 cases surfaced in that region and in total one out three has been fatal. cases have been stated in as many as 36 states of America. In these cases, 96% came from south west region of the Mississippi River.

The disease spread in 1993 when heavy rainfall and snow triggered plants and then rodents to grow in number. The reproduction of these rodents was so quick that their number got multiplied in 1993 as compared to 1992. It increased the chances of humans and mice interaction and thus it was more likely that the hantavirus would be transmitted to humans by mice.

Furthermore, In the year 2014, Council of State & Territorial Epidemiologists confirmed that infections of hantavirus include non-pulmonary and HPS hantavirus infection. It was in 2015, that the first case of non-pulmonary hantavirus was reported and by 2017, around 728 cases were registered in the US. Unfortunately, 36% of the total HPS cases resulted in casualties of the affected persons. Of the HPS specific affected persons, 37% has been female while 63% male.

It is common that Hantavirus can affect anyone. Of all the cases in the United states, 78% of all the affected people have been whites. 18% are American Indians, Asians 1%, and African Americans constitute 1% of the total registered cases.

The facts and figures shows how common the Hantavirus is in the US and UK has been alarming. The number is increasing with each passing year. Some preventive measures have to be taken to stop its further spread.

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