What Part of your Immune System Attacks a Viral Infection

Understanding the immune system:

The immune system is composed of particular cells, organs, proteins, tissues and continuously defends human against microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses and germs. Immune system function is to prevent human from infections and keep them healthy. But if there is any complications occur in immune system it could reason of severe infections and illnesses.

What Part of your Immune System Attacks a Viral Infection

White blood cells, known as leukocytes are considered important cells to demolish that substance and organisms which create diseases.

In various parts of the human body such as bone marrow, spleen and thymus the leukocytes (White blood cells) develop or stored. Due to this, they are known as lymphoid organs. The leukocytes move around through the body among the body parts and nodes through vessels of blood and lymphatic. In the same way the system of immune function in a united way to examine the whole body for microorganisms and germs.

Parts Of Immune system Attacks Viral infections:

There are basically 2 kinds of leukocytes which are responsible to prevent body against infections:

  1. Cells of Phagocytes that eat entering microorganisms
  2. Cells of Lymphocytes that permit the body to identify and memorized past invaders and support human body to demolish them

There are 3 kinds of immunity in a human which are following:

  1. Innate immunity
  2. Adaptive immunity
  3. Passive immunity

Innate Immunity:

Each human is born with a kind of general protection known as natural (innate) immunity. That’s why most of the viruses and germs that could harmful to other organisms but for the human they don’t. For instance, the germs that could the reason for cats leukemia don’t infect humans. And in the same way, those viruses and germs which cause severe illness in human for instance AIDS or HIV don’t affect on cats.

Innate immunity also contains the body outer barriers such as membranes of mucous and skin which are consider the top defense route against viruses and germs. But if these external barriers are damaged then the skin will be responsible to heal the damaged parts and particular and specific cells of immune attack the entering viruses.

Adaptive Immunity:

Adaptive immunity is considered the second type of protection. Adaptive immunity is also known as active immunity. This immunity develops in humans throughout in their lives. This immunity is included lymphocytes and advanced as human are shown to immunized against illness with the help of vaccines.

Passive Immunity:

Passive immunity is the third kind of human immunity system and its continuation for the just short term. This immunity is taken or borrowed from other origins. For instance, mother milk antibodies convey a short-term immunity to baby against his mother exposed diseases.

Each human has distinct immunity. Some get virus continuously and ill all the time and some human never gets infections. With the passage of time humans immune system become more strong because of this adults suffer fewer colds than children and the bodies of them learned to identify and quickly attack most of the germs that cause disease.

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