Symptoms of Herpes in Babies and Females

Understanding herpes:

Herpes is a well-known virus which leads sores on human mouth, genitals, annal region and other parts of the body.

Herpes has two kinds:

  1. Herpes simplex virus type
  2. Herpes simplex virus type 2

Cold sores are caused by commonly Type 1 herpes and genital herpes is caused by type 2 herpes.

This virus is highly dangerous and easily spread. HSV is transferred easily from infected person to healthy person through physical contact. The virus remains for whole life in the body of an Infected person.

Symptoms of Herpes in Babies:

Herpes simplex virus in newborns called as Neonatal herpes mostly infected one month babies and could be life-threatening. This virus causes death and seizures by entering in the fluid of spinal cord and brain.

HSV infection can be categorized into three groups which are following:

Skin infection:

Blisters on the body skin near mouth and body which are frequently bursting and healing.

Disseminated herpes infection:

This spreading virus is considered the most threatening virus and easily spread throughout the whole body such as lungs, kidneys, brain, and liver of the baby.


Swelling of the brain which could affect the performance of brain and spinal cord and causes seizures.

Following are the other symptoms of herpes in babies:

  • Insomnia and irritability
  • Difficulty in breathing such as shortness in breathing, grunting, rapidness in breathing and cyanosis.
  • Blisters and sores on the baby body
  • Bleeding
  • Jaundice

It is not necessary that baby infected with herpes virus has all the signs and symptoms.

Some signs appeared at the first week of infection and the serious issues such as central nervous system complications show their existence after two weeks. If treatment isn’t done on time then it may cause death.

Herpes symptoms in women:

Most of the ladies don’t recognize that the virus is present in their bodies because sometimes this infection doesn’t show symptoms and signs. After the infection, for the whole life virus present in nerve cells. There will be no symptoms and indicators if the cells are non-active. Symptoms will only appear when these cells in nerves become active. There are chances that some ladies never show any signs and some show only outbreak, however, some might have shows outbreaks multiple times.  

Signs appear after or within two weeks of infection which are the following:

  • Same signs like flu such as temperature
  • Inflammation in glands
  • Abnormal; vaginal discharge
  • Tingling and itching in female body parts
  • Pain in vagina
  • Pain in buttocks
  • Legs pain
  • Feeling pain while urinating
  • A headache
  • Experiencing pain or burden below the stomach and its near parts

After these symptoms blisters, ulcers and sores which will be very painful might come into being  on various parts of the body which could be the following

  • A mouth
  • Area of the vagina or anal or inside of them
  • On the cervix
  • On thighs
  • Or on that parts where the virus had entered into the body of a women

In most cases, after month even years of the infection the first outbreak not happen. But people who immunity system is not that much strong their outbreak could be severed and for a long time.  Immediately see your health examiner if you notice any symptom of herpes.

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