Viral Infection of the Grey matter of the Spinal Cord that may result in Paralysis

Understanding grey matter:

Grey matter is found in central nervous system mostly consists of unmyelinated axons and cells bodies of neural.  Axons are same as threads which are expanded from cell bodies of neural and responsible for the transmission of signals between these bodies. These axons are mostly not coated by myelin and are unmyelinated. By the unmyelinated, it is preferred that these axons are not coated by fatty and whitish protein.

Viral Infection of the Grey matter of the Spinal Cord that may result in Paralysis

The important function of grey matter is to carry information to the brain. Compositions within the grey matter operate indications and signals produced in the sensory areas / other parts of the grey matter. These indications enter the grey matter via axons which are myelinated that built up the volume of the white matter in the spine, cerebellum, and cerebrum.

Glial cells are also present in a grey matter which carry energy and nutrients to the neurons.

Symptoms and signs of a spinal cord infection:

At the start, there are no any signs of viral infection but when it increases pressure on spinal cord could also be increased. And this pressure and infection can lead some severe problems, which are following:

  • Temperature
  • Less control of bowels and bladder
  • Sensations ability is starting losing below the place of infection
  • Severe arms and legs pain  
  • Rapidly increasing weakness
  • Paralyzed

Viral infections of grey matter:

Viral Meningitis

Mumps is the reasons for 10% to 20% and enteroviruses for 80% to 90% of recognized reasons of viral meningitis, with other kinds of viruses seldom involved with notable seasonal and geographical differences.

Clinical characteristics are —normal occurrence with the unexpected beginning of the illness, rapid variation in conscious level, headache, vomiting and a stiff neck.

Viral Encephalitis:

In Asia, the Japanese encephalitis is responsible for encephalitis. Variation of season and Geographical have also considered it causes such as rabies, mumps, dengue viruses, herpes simplex. And enteroviruses.

Signs and symptoms are noted in patients with this virus are following:

  • Consciousness
  • High intracranial pressure
  • Focal neurological

Viral Myelitis:

Paralytic, Viral myelitis is commonly come into being because of poliovirus, and this virus has been abolished from many developed countries such as the United States of America: other reasons are could be sustainable seasonal and geographical differences, contain Japanese encephalitis, enteroviruses, and echoviruses.

Clinical characteristics could be a general interval of symptoms like influenza, poliomyelitis generally includes characteristics of viral meningitis leading to the advancement of paralysis of the lower motor neuron. Deadly paralysis is bulbar and respiratory paralysis.


For many central nervous system viral infections there is no any exact and effective treatment.  For treating herpes simplex acyclovir is the most effective treatment. But more than medicines supportive care is most important.


Against poliomyelitis, rabies, encephalitis and measles ‘Prophylactic’ vaccination is accessible.  Preventing from rabies ‘Post exposure rabies’ vaccination is available. Hyperimmune immunoglobulin has been used for prophylaxis of measles hyperimmune immunoglobulin is used.

Other neurological infection  in which viruses play a part:

These infections are following:

  • Reye’s syndrome
  • Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
  • Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy

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