What are The Major Causes of Smallpox Symptoms

Understanding The Smallpox Causes and its Symptoms

Smallpox, also known as Variola, is a well known disease which get caused due to a virus called pox virus and it only affects humans. This virus can transmit from one person to another. The affected person catches rashes, fever, vomiting, and is fatal enough to claim the life of the affected person in severe cases. Fortunately, is has been world’s single disease which is totally wiped out across the world. It is also considered as the most destructive weapons, but of biological nature, ever discovered. In the year 1980,  World’s Health Organization declared complete eradication of smallpox from the world.

What Causes Smallpox Symptoms?

What are The Major Causes of Smallpox Symptoms

Virus by the name of Variola is the main reason behind the cause of smallpox symptoms. This specific virus is one of the members of the Orthopox virus genre, that comprises of some viruses that are responsible for monkeypox and cowpox. The Pox viruses are one of the major animal viruses and can only be seen with the help of a light microscope. Regarding the size, they are much larger, as compared to some bacteria that have DNA with double-stranded.

One of the main reasons of the smallpox is that it’s an airborne disease and such airborne diseases manage to spread fast. Moreover, before the eradication of this disease, it used to spread through the interaction of an affected person with another. The major victims of this disease were children and pregnant women. This harmful virus gets acquired by inhaling or breathing into lungs. The particles of virus can stay on items such as bedding, and clothing for a span of a week.

The disease is spread in the body when the Variola virus begins its function in the lungs. It then conquers  bloodstream of the affected person and reaches his skin, kidneys, intestines, and the brain. Due to its presence in cells of the skin , it creates rashes. After a passage of almost  12-17 days, the person gets diseased.

What Are Major Symptoms of Smallpox?

After discovering the major causes of smallpox, now let’s find some of the signs and symptoms of smallpox.  

The symptoms and infection might appear in seven to 17 days. It includes:

  •    Body aches
  •    High fever
  •    A headache
  •    Malaise
  •    Chills
  •    A backache
  •    Abdominal pain
  •    And muscle aches.

Also, almost half and more of the people with this disease experience vomiting. In the beginning, a rash emerges in 2-4 days and later become sores. This whole development takes a span of two weeks.

How to treat Smallpox symptoms?

The smallpox symptoms can be treated in a number of ways now.

Due to fear of transmission of this disease from one person to another, the affected person is kept in strict isolation in the hospital for 17 days or more. Regarding the treatment of smallpox, this consists of replacing fluid lost from fever and skin breakdown. Antibiotics are prescribed for secondary skin infections.

Further, Vaccinations are the backbones of treating smallpox disease effectively, if done within one to three days of the illness. If being a child, you were vaccinated then you still need to re vaccinate if you come in direct contact with someone affected by the virus.

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