What Does Rabies do to the Humans Body

What does rabies do to the Human’s body? Before killing this curiosity let’s find what Rabies is?

The rabies is a virus that uses the nerves of a human body as its passageway to reach the brain, i.e. its ultimate destination. Lest treatment is done, rabies virus ultimately colonizes in the brain and reproduces till the patient starts acting abnormally and finally dies. Conversely, if the affected rabies patients get timely treatment before feeling any symptoms might suffer less severe consequences.

What Does Rabies do to the Humans Body

what does rabies do to the human’s body

Understanding the harm that Rabies does to humans:

Rabies virus affects human’s central nervous system, causing severe inflammation in brain. This virus is transferred via scratches and bites from domestic cats, dogs, rabbits, and also from wild animals like raccoons, bats, and skunks. Only possibility to fight this virus is through its detection in early phases.

Scale of harm of rabies to humans:

Every year approx. 59,000 people die worldwide from rabies, says World Health Organization. Among these cases, 99% had been victims of a rabid dog. On average, in the United States, two to three people die each year due to rabies and the significant decline in death toll was made possible due to vaccinations ion humans and animals.

Discussing Symptoms of Rabies:

The phase between which a rabid animal bites or scratches and the beginning of symptoms is known as the incubation period. This period takes almost four to 12 weeks to develop rabies symptoms in a person.

In the beginning, the symptoms are like flu and fever.  Other symptoms include tingling and muscle weakness in the affected persons. As the virus spreads in the body and is not treated timely then it starts attacking the nervous system, it can develop two other diseases, i.e. anxiety, excess salivation, insomnia, agitation, and phobias.

Treatment of Rabies to fight its harm to humans:

Rabies can inflict serious harm to humans and in severe cases it can also lead to death of the affected person. Diagnosis and treatment on early stages of rabies diseases can assure early cure. Now the question is, how Can Rabies Be Cured?

The treatment begins with a sequence of injections. In this regard, a dose of antibodies, Rabies immunoglobulin, stops the virus further spread and helps in combating infection effectively. It is followed by a Rabies vaccine for over 14 days. As soon as these vaccinations are taken, it minimizes the chances of spread of infection. Doctors might treat the wounds by washing it with detergent, iodine, or soap for 15 minutes or more.

But stay aware that the treatment of Rabies also brings with it some side effects. It includes, nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach pain, muscle aches, and some swellings and pains at injection sites.

Prevention from Rabies:

Rabies is absolutely a preventable disease, if some easy and simple measures are taken care of then its harm to humans can be avoided to maximum extent possible:

  • Vaccination of pets
  • Preventing bats to enter living spaces
  • To get vaccination for Rabies before travelling to emerging countries
  • Reporting stray animals to concerned authorities
  • Little care can bring us lead healthy life.

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