Zika Virus Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

About Zika Virus:

A single bite of mosquitoes can make you the victim of Zika virus. It is spread by infected mosquitoes, stay safe from it. It was found in 1947 in Zika valley that is situated in Central Africa, and so its named after that. It later spread to Americas, south-east, south-Asia, and Pacific region. It’s more dangerous or threatening to the new-born and fetuses as compared to grown-up children and adults.

Structure of Zika Virus:

The virus belongs particularly to the family of viruses named, Flavivirus. Speaking about the structure of Zika virus, it is an RNA genome which is enclosed by a fatty membrane in a protein shell. The discovery can be critical for developing antiviral vaccines and other treatments because now the scientists can know that how the virus gets transmitted from a mosquito to new-born and fetuses.

Zika Virus Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Symptoms of Zika Virus:

According to the research of Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately one of the five affected people with Zika virus suffer illness. Though the infected people hardly realize that they have been affected by Zika virus, some of the symptoms of the disease are discussed below:

  •    Experiencing fever
  •    Rash on skin
  •    Complaints of joint and muscular pain
  •    Reddish eyes
  •    Feeling pain in the backside of eyes

These symptoms appear after two to eight days after the virus gets transferred from the mosquito bite, says World Health Organization. As these symptoms are not of severe nature they disappear after few weeks.

Treatment of Zika Virus:

There is no specific medication or vaccine yet discovered for treating Zika virus. But following measures are taken to comfort the patient.

  • The patient must take plenty of fluids in the form of water and fresh juices so that body can encounter the virus naturally
  • Bed rest is highly recommended
  • Paracetamol or another pain killer can be taken to relieve the pain and temperature.

Preventive Measures for Zika Virus:

There are numerous ways to prevent Zika infection. The prevention ranges from taking self-care to leaving no safe haven for the mosquitoes. Some of the preventive measures are:

  • Don’t travel to the countries, presently suffering from an outbreak of Zika Virus disease. There are high chances that you might become the victim of mosquitoes with Zika in that region.
  • So far, no case has been reported of Zika virus in the mainland U.S., however, according to the reports of CDC, cases are surfacing regarding the returning from the affected countries.
  • Keep a check on the website of World Health Organization (WHO) to get the latest list of travel destinations in the whole world.
  • If one cannot avoid traveling to Zika virus regions, he can prevent it by using local vector control mosquitoes can be averted from bites.
  • Standing water is the place where mosquitoes breed, kindly eliminate stagnant water and if possible apply some larvicide.
  • Try to spend minimum outdoor time.
  • Try to sleep in the mosquito covered net
  • Wear such boots and clothing that your legs and arms get covered from mosquitoes.

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